Asakusa Personal Video & Photo With Kimono

Experience the traditions and culture of Japan with Asakusa Personal Video & Photo With Kimono. You’ll get to wear traditional Japanese kimono clothes while exploring the historic district of Asakusa. They’ll take private videos and photos to capture your memories, making it a special and personalized adventure.

The activity is accessible for people in wheelchairs or with strollers, and service animals are allowed. It’s a great opportunity to embrace the beauty of Japan, so don’t miss out!

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Just The Basics

Asakusa Personal Video & Photo With Kimono - Just The Basics

  • Experience traditional Japanese clothing in Asakusa district
  • Choose a kimono from a wide selection
  • Conveniently located near public transportation
  • Capture lasting memories of your time in Asakusa with professional photos and videos

What to Expect

During the Asakusa Personal Video & Photo With Kimono activity, you’ll have a chance to experience traditional Japanese clothing in a personalized way. When you arrive, friendly staff will help you choose the perfect kimono from a wide selection. They’ll make sure it fits you well and looks authentic.

Once you’re dressed, you can explore the historic Asakusa district and take amazing pictures. Professional photographers and videographers will be there to capture the experience and give you high-quality photos and videos to cherish.

This activity is a unique opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and make lasting memories in traditional attire.

Booking Confirmation and Accessibility

Asakusa Personal Video & Photo With Kimono - Booking Confirmation and Accessibility

After booking the Asakusa Personal Video & Photo With Kimono activity, you’ll usually receive a confirmation within 48 hours, as long as there are available spots. This confirmation guarantees your reservation for the date and time you want.

Don’t worry if you have mobility needs because this activity is wheelchair and stroller accessible. You can even bring your service animal along. The activity is conveniently located near public transportation, making it easy for everyone to get there. The transportation provided during the activity is also wheelchair accessible, so you can move around easily.

The goal of the Asakusa Personal Video & Photo With Kimono activity is to make sure everyone can participate and have a great experience.

Additional Information

Asakusa Personal Video & Photo With Kimono - Additional Information

There are two more important things to know about the Asakusa Personal Video & Photo With Kimono activity.

First, it offers a special experience for travelers. By wearing a traditional kimono, you can fully enjoy Japanese culture and feel like a local.

Second, there are many different kimonos to choose from. Whether you like bright colors or delicate patterns, there’s a kimono for everyone’s taste and style. This means you can find a kimono that makes you feel comfortable and confident, making your experience even better.

Cancellation Policy

Asakusa Personal Video & Photo With Kimono - Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel the Asakusa Personal Video & Photo With Kimono activity, here’s what you need to know.

If you cancel at least 24 hours before the activity starts, you’ll get a full refund. But if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, you won’t be able to get a refund.

This policy helps both travelers and the organizers. Travelers have the flexibility to change their plans if needed, and the organizers can manage their bookings effectively.

To cancel and get a refund, just follow the instructions that were given when you made your reservation. Usually, you’ll need to contact the activity provider directly or use the online platform where you booked.

Make sure to review the specific cancellation policy and instructions when you book, so you know what to do if you need to cancel later on.

Traveler Photos

Asakusa Personal Video & Photo With Kimono - Traveler Photos

As part of the Asakusa Personal Video & Photo With Kimono activity, you’ll get the chance to have your pictures taken while wearing a traditional kimono. These photos will serve as a special souvenir of your time in Asakusa.

Here are some important details about the traveler photos:

  • Kimono Styling: Professional kimono stylists will help you choose and wear the perfect kimono for your photo session.

  • Photo Souvenir Options: After the session, you can pick your favorite photos to be printed and taken home as a special keepsake.

  • High-Quality Images: Skilled photographers will use top-notch equipment to capture your photos, ensuring they’re of the highest quality.

  • Memorable Locations: Your photos will be taken at beautiful spots in Asakusa, providing a stunning background for your pictures.


The Asakusa Personal Video & Photo With Kimono experience has received high praise from customers. It has a perfect 5.0 rating based on 14 reviews from Viator and Tripadvisor. Review analysis shows that customers had positive experiences with this activity.

They really liked the service provided by the staff, who were friendly and professional. Customers enjoyed wearing traditional kimonos and having their photos taken in famous places in Asakusa. The video footage added an extra special touch to their memories. It was also convenient to receive digital copies of the photos and videos.


Finding the location for the Asakusa Personal Video & Photo With Kimono experience is easy if you use public transportation. The meeting point is conveniently located near public transportation options, so it’s accessible for travelers. Here are the important details about the directions:

  • The nearest subway station is Asakusa Station. It’s just a short walk away from the meeting point.
  • You can take the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line or the Tobu Skytree Line to get to Asakusa Station.
  • Once you’re at the station, you can follow the signs or use a map to find your way to the meeting point.
  • The meeting point is clearly marked and easy to find, so you can start the Asakusa Personal Video & Photo With Kimono experience smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does the Asakusa Personal Video & Photo With Kimono Activity Usually Take?

The time it takes for the Asakusa Personal Video & Photo With Kimono activity can differ depending on when you can do it. To find out how long it usually takes, it’s best to ask the people organizing it.

Can I Bring My Own Kimono for the Activity?

No, you are not allowed to bring your own kimono for the activity. The Asakusa Personal Video & Photo With Kimono experience offers rental kimonos for participants. This way, you can completely enjoy and experience the traditional Japanese culture.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Participating in the Activity?

There are no specific age restrictions for participating in the activity. However, it is recommended for people of all ages to try on a kimono because it is an important part of Japanese culture.

Is Photography Equipment Provided During the Activity?

Photography equipment is available for you to use during the activity. If you want to make your experience even more authentic, you have the option to rent a Kimono.

Are There Any Additional Fees or Charges That I Should Be Aware Of?

No, there aren’t any extra fees or charges for the Asakusa Personal Video & Photo With Kimono activity. You don’t have to worry about any hidden costs. The activity doesn’t have any specific restrictions or requirements for photography equipment, so you can use whatever camera you have.

Last Words

Asakusa Personal Video & Photo With Kimono offers travelers a unique and immersive experience to explore the rich traditions and culture of Japan.

With a private tour/activity, participants can stroll through the historic district of Asakusa dressed in traditional kimono attire, capturing memories through personal videos and photos.

The location is conveniently accessible, and the tour is wheelchair and stroller friendly.

With positive reviews and a flexible cancellation policy, this enchanting experience promises to be a memorable adventure for all.