Small-Group Walking Tour With Kyoto-Style Lunch, Arashiyama

In 2023, you can go on a walking tour of Arashiyama, a beautiful district in Kyoto. This tour is perfect for small groups, so you’ll have a more personal experience.

Knowledgeable local guides will show you around, taking you to see amazing places like the bamboo forest and famous temples. You’ll also get to discover hidden gems that many people don’t know about.

One of the highlights of the tour is a delicious lunch, where you’ll get to try traditional Kyoto-style food. This tour is a great way to explore the culture and cuisine of Arashiyama.

Don’t miss out on this chance to have an unforgettable experience!

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Just The Basics

Small-Group Walking Tour With Kyoto-Style Lunch, Arashiyama - Just The Basics

  • The small-group walking tour in Arashiyama offers a four-hour experience exploring the beautiful bamboo forest and historic temples with detailed architecture.
  • Participants can enjoy a traditional Kyoto-style lunch, indulging in dishes such as Kyoto-style ramen, kaiseki, yudofu, and obanzai.
  • The tour provides insights into the rich cultural heritage of Arashiyama and the olden days of Kyoto, enhancing cultural understanding.
  • An expert guide shares cool stories and facts about Arashiyama’s history and landmarks, offers insider tips and recommendations, and assists with translation for meaningful discussions with locals.

Tour Highlights

Small-Group Walking Tour With Kyoto-Style Lunch, Arashiyama - Tour Highlights

The Small-Group Walking Tour With Kyoto-Style Lunch in Arashiyama 2023 is an exciting tour where you can explore the beautiful bamboo forest, visit historic temples, and enjoy a traditional Kyoto-style lunch. This guided tour lets you learn about the rich cultural heritage of Arashiyama. It lasts about four hours, giving you plenty of time to fully experience the beauty and history of this amazing district.

The first highlight of the tour is the bamboo forest. It’s a really cool place where you can walk through tall bamboo trees that make you feel like you’re in a different world. It’s a magical experience that you won’t forget.

The second highlight is visiting historic temples. These temples have really cool and detailed architecture. You can learn about the religious importance of these special places and appreciate their cultural significance.

Lastly, the tour ends with a delicious Kyoto-style lunch. You get to try traditional Japanese food and enjoy the flavors of Kyoto. It’s a great way to end the tour and have a tasty meal.

Itinerary Overview

During the Small-Group Walking Tour With Kyoto-Style Lunch in Arashiyama 2023, you’ll get to do some awesome stuff!

First, we’ll take a walk through a really cool bamboo forest. It’s so peaceful and beautiful there, with tall bamboo stalks all around you. It’s a great place to relax and think.

After that, we’ll visit some historic temples. These temples aren’t only amazing to look at, but they also have a lot of history behind them. You’ll get to learn about the olden days of Kyoto and how these temples played a big part in the city’s culture.

And finally, the best part – lunch! We’ll have a yummy Kyoto-style lunch. This means we’ll get to taste some traditional dishes from this ancient city. It’s a great way to experience the flavors and traditions of Kyoto.

Kyoto-Style Lunch Experience

Small-Group Walking Tour With Kyoto-Style Lunch, Arashiyama - Kyoto-Style Lunch Experience

On the Small-Group Walking Tour in Arashiyama 2023, you’ll have the chance to try delicious food from Kyoto, an ancient city with a famous culinary history. Here are some cool things you can do during the Kyoto-Style Lunch Experience:

  1. Eat yummy Kyoto-style ramen with tender pork and green onions on top.
  2. Try kaiseki, a fancy meal with many courses that shows off the best ingredients and cooking skills of Kyoto chefs.
  3. Taste yudofu, a simple but tasty dish of tofu cooked in a special broth that brings out the great quality of Kyoto tofu.
  4. Don’t miss obanzai, a type of home cooking with lots of small, fancy dishes made from local ingredients.
  5. Have a traditional matcha tea ceremony, where you’ll learn how to make and enjoy powdered green tea. You’ll also get to eat some Kyoto-style sweets.

Small-Group Walking Tour Details

Small-Group Walking Tour With Kyoto-Style Lunch, Arashiyama - Small-Group Walking Tour Details

Join the Small-Group Walking Tour in Arashiyama 2023 and explore the beautiful sights of this ancient city.

The tour starts at 09:00 AM and ends back at the meeting point.

If you need to cancel, you can get a full refund if you do it at least 24 hours before the tour starts. But if you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, you won’t get a refund. Remember, you can’t make any changes to your booking less than 24 hours before the tour starts.

If you want to know more about the tour, you can check out photos and read reviews from other travelers on the Viator website.

Expert Guide and Local Insights

Small-Group Walking Tour With Kyoto-Style Lunch, Arashiyama - Expert Guide and Local Insights

The expert guide on the Small-Group Walking Tour in Arashiyama 2023 is super helpful. They know a lot about the area and can tell you interesting things about the history and cool places to visit. Here are five ways the guide makes the tour better:

  1. They know all about the history and landmarks in Arashiyama. They can share cool stories and facts about the places you’ll see, making it more fun and interesting.

  2. The guide can give you insider tips and recommendations. They know the best local restaurants, shops, and secret spots that you mightn’t find on your own. So you can discover even more awesome things in Arashiyama.

  3. They can explain Japanese customs and traditions. This helps you understand and appreciate the local culture better. You’ll learn about how people do things in Japan and why they’re important.

  4. If you don’t speak Japanese, the guide can help you out. They can translate for you and make it easier to talk to the locals. This way, you can have meaningful conversations and make connections with the people you meet.

  5. The guide makes sure the group is small. This means they can give you personal attention and answer any questions you have. You’ll have a chance to talk and discuss things with them, which is pretty cool.

With the guide’s help, you can really dive into the local culture and learn a lot about Arashiyama’s awesome history.

Booking and Cancellation Policy

The booking and cancellation policy for the Small-Group Walking Tour With Kyoto-Style Lunch, Arashiyama 2023 is designed to give travelers peace of mind and flexibility.

If you cancel your booking at least 24 hours before the tour starts, you can get a full refund. But remember, this only applies if you cancel at least 24 hours in advance. If you cancel less than 24 hours before the tour starts, you won’t get a refund.

Also, any changes made less than 24 hours before the tour starts won’t be accepted.

If you want to see what the tour looks like, you can check out the traveler photos section to see pictures from previous participants.

This cancellation policy is there to help travelers and make sure the tour runs smoothly.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

The Small-Group Walking Tour With Kyoto-Style Lunch, Arashiyama 2023 has received amazing feedback and top ratings from customers. Here’s why people love this tour:

  • Great Tour Guide: The tour guides are super knowledgeable and friendly, making the experience enjoyable and informative.

  • Beautiful Scenery: The tour takes you through the stunning Arashiyama district, which has a bamboo forest and beautiful landscapes.

  • Yummy Lunch: You get to eat a delicious and authentic Kyoto-style lunch during the tour, giving you a taste of the local food.

  • Fun Activities: The tour includes cool stuff like visiting historic temples, exploring traditional Japanese gardens, and even having a traditional tea ceremony.

  • Small Group: The tour is in a small group, so it’s more personal and you can really get into the experience.

With such high customer satisfaction and recommendations, it’s no surprise that the Small-Group Walking Tour With Kyoto-Style Lunch, Arashiyama 2023 is a popular choice for visitors to Kyoto.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Maximum Group Size for This Small-Group Walking Tour?

The maximum group size for this small-group walking tour is limited to a certain number of participants. There may be age restrictions in place to ensure the best experience for all guests.

Are There Any Additional Costs or Fees Not Mentioned in the Tour Price?

There are no additional costs or hidden fees not mentioned in the tour price. The price of the Small-Group Walking Tour includes everything, ensuring a hassle-free and transparent experience for all participants.

Is Transportation Included in the Tour?

Transportation is included in the tour. Participants can enjoy a small-group walking tour, with Kyoto-style lunch in Arashiyama in 2023. The tour also ensures accessibility for disabled individuals.

Are There Any Age Restrictions for Participating in This Tour?

There are no age restrictions for participating in this tour. The tour size is small-group, providing an intimate and personalized experience. It is a walking tour that includes a Kyoto-style lunch in Arashiyama.

Are There Vegetarian or Vegan Options Available for the Kyoto-Style Lunch?

Yes, there are vegetarian and vegan options available for the Kyoto-style lunch. The tour takes into consideration dietary restrictions and offers a variety of plant-based dishes to cater to different dietary preferences.

Last Words

Set out on a small-group walking tour in Arashiyama, Kyoto in 2023 and enjoy the beauty and culture of this enchanting district.

With knowledgeable local guides leading the way, you’ll explore the bamboo forest, visit iconic temples, and uncover hidden gems.

The highlight of the tour is a delectable Kyoto-style lunch, offering a taste of traditional Japanese cuisine.

With a maximum group size, you can expect a personalized and intimate experience.

Don’t miss this opportunity to create lasting memories in Arashiyama.