Tokyo Go Kart

My friends and I recently experienced the Kart Tour in Shinjuku, Tokyo and absolutely loved it. It was an amazing way to see Tokyo with a unique kind of tour that felt like we were celebrities! The Monkey Karts crew made sure everything exceeded expectations; from providing us with costumes, and lockers for our belongings, excellent briefings on safety, guidance through each area and even taking pictures!

The carts went very fast so be sure to bring glasses or face cover if you’re going during colder months – also don’t forget your driver’s license (or International Driver’s Permit), IDP as well as a passport.

We decided to go for the 5 pm slot which was great because we got to watch all of the night lights display across town – it really added a special effect. Although this experience is more expansive than other tours around Japan but definitely worth every cent spent here!

Time flew by quickly since there are only 1-2 hour slots available though they did make good use of those hours with the amount of fun packed into such little time. However, do remember not just dress accordingly, especially during winters when a warm jacket is necessary but also stay respectful throughout your entire session otherwise points will get deducted from your scorecard at end .

All in all this must-have experience located 38 minutes train ride away from downtown Tokyo provided loads of fun while still feeling perfectly safe due mainly due to their team members who remained friendly throughout the whole duration making it easy to follow them without ever getting lost!